Thursday, October 3, 2013

App of the Week: Dropbox

The app of the week this week is a MUST HAVE for all teachers who have iPads.   It's not only something that will help you manage your students, but it will help you manage all your photos and documents!

In a nutshell, Dropbox is an online file storage system.  You can access it from any computer, iPad, or iPod. You simply set up an account at  Then download the app on your iPads and sign in with the same username/password.  You will only have to log in to the app the first time.

This a screenshot of my desktop view of Dropbox.  Upper grade students use it to save their work in the lab, and I can access all of their files from my computer.
Lower grades:  Anything that is saved to your camera roll will be uploaded to your Dropbox account.  Most of the creativity apps we use allow you to save work to the camera roll.  This means that you can view all the work your kids do on the ipad from your desktop computer.  Since it's all stored in one place, you can use those photos to make slideshows, videos, etc.

Upper grades:  You can upload documents in PDF format from your desktop computer, and your students can access them from their iPads.  They can then use other apps to complete their work, save it, and resubmit it.  Then you can view it from your desktop computer.  I have seen this at work in Mrs. Holland's class and it works great!  It sounds like a lot of steps, but the students catch on REALLY fast!  You also have the option of sharing links to these documents if you need to send a copy to a parent.

Personal use:  4th grade has set up a grade-level Dropbox account.  They can store all  of their lessons, resources, etc. so that they can all access them.  This way, any of the teachers can make changes and they don't have to email things to each other all the time.

If you need help setting up your classroom Dropbox account, I will be happy to help!

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