Wednesday, October 16, 2013

App of the Week: Audioboo

I am really excited about today's post!  I visited Mrs. Lancaster's room this morning during reading stations and saw her kids doing this really engaging activity she had created for them using the Audioboo app.  This a GREAT app for your iPods.  Many of us struggle with what to do with the iPods other than just game play.  This app will work on the iPods that have cameras, as well as the iPads.  In this video, you see the students reading a flashcard then scanning a QR card that takes them to a recording of Mrs. Lancaster reading the word in a sentence.  It is a self-checking activity.

You could use this in SO many ways.  How about recording dictation sentences for them to listen to and then write?  The kids could record themselves reading and then you could create codes for them to scan so they can listen to each other.  You can even record instructions for the station, so they just scan the code on your "I Can" list if they forget what to do.  The possibilities are endless!  I put together a presentation for you with step by step instructions for how to make your own stations like this.

I was very excited to help Mrs. Lancaster put this together, and even more thrilled to see with how she was expanding this concept in other stations.  I will be happy to help you, too!  I'm always here, all you have to do is ask! :)

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