Tuesday, November 5, 2013

App of the Week: Touch Cast

I discovered this really cool app last week!  It allows your students to do videos that look like newscasts.  Imagine how this could tie in to your curriculum!  Have your students do some WRITING based on something you've discussed or read.  Have them practice READING it until they are fluent.  Then have them ORALLY present it through video.  It goes right along with what we discussed as a faculty about language.

I can see students acting as a reporter live at some event you've studied in History, making an instructional video on how to do some activity, interviewing a character from a book....the possibilities go on and on.

They can choose from several video types:  Instacast, Newscast, Businesscast, Sportscast, Here's How, Review It (think book or movie review), and Travel Diary.

They then choose from several apps to play during the video (just like a REAL newscast):  web page, photo, question, Google Map, Google News, Poll, List, Twitter feed, quote, etc.

Then all that's left is recording the video.  It's very user-friendly and will be a piece of cake for the kids to do.  They can then send you an email that you can share!

Check out this really cute example that Mrs. Towns did to explain how to do a jumping jack.  I was just experimenting, so the app you see on this video is the school website.  It could easily be replaced with any of the apps listed above.   http://www.touchcast.com/ramitchell 

If you are using Internet Explorer, copy and paste the link above in Chrome to view the video.

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