Wednesday, November 20, 2013

App of the Week: Random Number Generator

This week's idea is short and sweet.  I know many of you draw sticks from a cup to randomly call on students for student engagement.  This app does the same thing right from your iPad or iPod.  Simply give it a range of numbers, and it will randomly select one for you.  There are many versions you can download for free.

This is the one I downloaded.

 It is really very self-explanatory.  Here are some ideas for how students might use this in stations:

  • Have students generate a number between x and y and write it in expanded form, identify the place value of a certain digit, etc.
  • Have students generate two numbers and write a word problem involving those numbers.
  • Have students "draw" their number.
  • Use the number generator with a numbered list of words, sentences, activities, etc.  Students generate the number, then go to that number on the list.
Once again, this is just a tool that helps make activities you are already doing a little more engaging for your kids!

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