Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tweet the States

School is IN, and we have gotten off to a great start.  Many of our classes have started tweeting throughout the day, and our 5th graders have started a really awesome Twitter project.  Mrs. Shelton's class wrote about the project on their blogs today, and this student did such an excellent job explaining it, I thought I would share!

From Sydnie:

Tweet the States is about us trying to get a tweet from every state in the United States of America. Somebody from a state answers three questions, what state do they live in, something unique about their state, and someone famous from their state. When they’re done with a tweet they hashtag tweetthestates. My class mark states on a sheet of paper every time someone from a state tweets. So far 9 states have tweeted.  If you search #tweetthestates on twitter you learn many things!!

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