Friday, February 21, 2014

App of the Week: Gabit

Mrs. Bishop asked me for help finding an app her students could use to present Black History Biographies.  She wanted the students to create an avatar of their historical figures and record their voices speaking as the figure.  I did a little research and found an app that is great!
Gabit is an iPhone app.  It will work on the iPad, just make sure when you search in the app store, you change from "iPad" to "iPhone" or it won't display.  This is a great fresh way to use your iPods! 

 It is extremely customizable, so your kids can change all the details of the avatar to make them look like a real person, and they can also change the background to an appropriate setting. 

 They then record their voices, and can even adjust the pitch of their voice. 

Then their videos can be shared or saved.

Please let me know if you use this app with your students so I can share!

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