Thursday, September 19, 2013

App of the Week: Story Creator

First, I'd like to share a picture of how Mrs. Shelton's class used the "Story Me" app I shared last week.  They took pictures on their nature walk and created their story in the app.  Good job, Mrs. Shelton's class!

This week's app was recommended to be by Mrs. Shelton, as well.  It's something all ages can use and it will fit right in with your reading materials.  Here are a couple of screenshots from iTunes.

The students simply add a page to a storybook, add or draw a picture and text, and record their voices.  Mrs. Shelton's class took pictures of their retelling cards that go with their reading materials, drew borders on them, and recorded their voices retelling their story.  It was super easy and such a fun way for them to use the materials you already have.

I can also see you using this to tell math stories, explaining vocabulary in science or social studies, etc.

I LOVE seeing how you are using your technology.  I hope some of you will try this app next week and share with me what your kids have created!

I would also like to brag on Mrs. Deavor.  Her class celebrated National Dot Day this week, and they used the Colar app to scan pages and watch their dots come to life.

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